Johnny Christ tattoo

Johnny has beer and wine across his knuckles.

Johnny was 18 when he got his first tattoo.

Johnny's right arm has many movie monster portraits covering it.

"I like old Black and white horror movies."-Johnny Christ-

Johnny would love to be a cowboy so he had a cowboy tattooed on the left side of his neck.

Johnny has a tree on his upper right arm in the theme of the Raven by Egar Allen Poe. The artist added fire to the limbs.

"I got this piece of work on my upper right shoulder by Adam Barton. He really wanted for some reason that the tree would start to have flame like branches. We always kinda joke about it. It was funny at the time. It was supposed to be something about the Raven, Egar Allen Poe."-Johnny Christ-

Johnny has modern day monsters on his left sleeve consisting of Jason, Chucky, Freddie, and more.


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