Zacky Vengeance tattoo

Zacky has an A behind his ear because he agreed to get it when Brian lost a bet with Matt that the Angels couldn't make a comeback in the World Series. The Angels did come back so he was supposed to get the tat but Zacky agreed to get the tat for him because of money issues. Zacky basically took one for the team.  Zacky is actually proud of the tattoo.

Several of Zacky's tattoos on his right arm were done during the creation of the album "Avenged Sevenfold. Which includes a decapitated Mickey Mouse.
Zacky has his version of the deathbat on his lower back. It is a baseball with bat wings.

Zacky also has a green deathbat on his chest. It was finished just before the taping of "Seize the Day".

Zacky also has the bloody coffin on his left middle finger.

"Tattoos can motivate in all sorts of ways.

"Tattoos can hide and make me look as buff as I do now. I got muscles tattooed on my muscles.

"I've always wanted to get tattoos. I wanted to be the guy driving around in the nice car people always looked down on but was actually successful. Yeah just make a stand. So they can't be looked down on anymore."-Zacky V.-


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